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The purpose of this site is to provide information to fellow wakeboarders that are considering or have decided to make their own wakeboard towers & accessories.  This site is maintained as a public service by the founder of Monster Tower who loves wakeboarding and Do it Yourself projects.    The goal of this site is to share with other wakeboarders that are "do-it-yourselfers".  We learned so much during the development of our tower we felt compelled to share with other boarders that would be building their own towers & toyz.  diyTower.com is not affiliated with any company and is just a public service by a guy willing to share.  Use of any information provided is completely at your own risk.
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Sites with Postings about DIY Projects

Tower Projects
Illusion style DIY Tower, Very Impressive

Bryan Nation's Excellent DIY Tower Project - 1.3mb PDF file or 6.3mb Word file.
Matt Anderson's of InboardTalk.com shares his Tower Project!
(note: This great site appears to be down now, link is to web archives - also seen archive we saved)
Erik from Wakeboarder.com posts great tower install photos
Brian Dehler's Monster Tower Installation - Step-by-step instructions 
See Alan's home built tower for $100

See gobeer.net for his tower for under $250
or gobeer.net
James pictures of his tower project
Jason from Wakeworld.com FCT inspired tower on his 82 Nautique
Eric's tower he made for his Jet Boat

Cody's tower post on WakeWorld

See Alejandro Lalor's 3 DIY Towers and Pylon Pictures
Kevin shares his CNC'd Swivel Wakeboard Racks - Very nice rack job!

William Johnson's Tower Project

Pylon Projects
Kevin Geary of WakeScene.com shares a great DIY Pylon Project
Excellent post on Wakeboarder.com by Wes 

Great post by Jeff Miller at Wakeboarder.com


Speaker Projects - See bottom of this page for a post from Wakeboarder.com also

Jim Aikins Well Documented Fiberglass Speaker Box - Great Job Providing Project Details!
Shameless Plug - See the Monster Tower DIY Speaker Brackets
Bill Campbell's Integrated Speaker Can / Light Bar Project

Dan Ulrich's Project Making Can Speakers for a Monster Tower
How to Make 6x9 Speaker Boxes (PDF Download)
Chris Hargis shares his PVC Speaker Can project details- Word Format
Chris Hargis shows how to make cost effective quick release mounts for PVC cans- Word Format
AudioFormz makes great enclosures for DIY speaker projects
Check out a post at WakeWorld where AudioFormz were tower mounted. (720K pdf)
Homebuilt Box Plans

Albert J's Plans from Wakeboarder.com - 2.5mb PDF download
  Check out Speaker Details
Using West Marine Speakers on a Tower

ProAudio / Horn Loaded Compression Driver (HLCD) Links (The Tomorrow of Tower Tunes)
Davids HLCD Project - Great Word document and lots of pictures
Duane's epic NVS1 tower speakers - the first ProAudio tower speakers continue to impress
Duanes early days :-)  Great info from the early days of HLCD tower speakers on WakeWorld 
Great HLCD thread on WakeWorld

Image dynamics - Popular HLCD's and mid-bass drivers for tower speaker projects
Great list of links about high end audio and companies
Nice find on EliteCarAudio.com explaining horns in car audio
Another good Wakeworld post

Excellent reference information and educational material on audio and wiring
The Install Doctor - Great free technical resources for installing stereo's and accessories
Great explanation of Series vs Parallel wiring of speakers
Basic Car Audio Electronics is a FANTASTIC sit for learning about audio

Other Boat Stereo Systems
Mike's Complete Stereo System Details in his Ski Nautique (MS Word File)

Great sources of wire, connectors and wiring harnesses for speakers and lights
AudioPile.net has premade harnesses with Speakon connector and many connector options

CableOrganizer.com - Great place for loom, heat shrink and other finishing touches
Waytek is a great place for connectors and other wiring accessories
Dana Marine has many bling boat parts but a great way to finish wires go through your deck
PartsExpress.com - The ultimate source for DIY projects and technical support

Mouser Electronics - Thousands of parts and components

Chokes offer many components and great crossover information

Great discussion and information for wiring light bars

Ballast Systems - We need some help here !
Well throught out post at Wakeworld.com

Ballast Article at Wakeworld.com

How to wire 3-way switch for reversible ballast pump
from Wakeword.com
Rival Industries - Makers of the "Download Ballast System"
Wakezilla - Do-it-yourself Ballast System
Great write-up by Alan on a Pumpless Ballast System (download files from subdirectory)
Ballast Tank Enclosure for Direct Drive Inboards, from Wakeboarder.com's Erik Jernberg

Camera Mounting and Housings
How to make a Camera Housing from Wakeborder.com
Video Camera Mount on a Monster Tower for under $10

Information on Wiring for Lighting Projects
See detailed diagrams for wiring tower light bars with and without relays
(zip file of PDF documents)
Wiring instructions from CarCentral.net

Wiring and mounting instructions from Offroader.com

KC Providing wiring info and explains the different light types

Sunshade Style Top
Posted by ATROPINE at Wakeboarder.com
Check out Todds "frameless bimini"

Fresh & Hot Water Showers
DIY Shower from WakeScene.com
Melvinator's Hot Water Show from WakeWorld.com

Slider and Kicker Plans
Andrew Cowie of Australia provides their slider and kicker plans
Erik from WakeBoarder.com posts a great slider project

Surfboard Racks

Search at Amazon and Swell.com for Dakine Aero Pad

Brackets and Pads for Towers and Accessories
Precision Metal Works - Great prices on nice products for DIY Tower and Accessory Projects
Pro-Werks -Great brackets for making your own speaker cans
TechTool - Makes pads, swivels and other parts to build your own tower

Buy Pro-Werks brackets online at their retail site:  http://www.chassisshop.com/
eTec Marine - Bases and Pads for Mounting Tower to the boat by eTecMarine
Premier Lighting has various clamps that have been used in diy Tower Projects
PBM Valve - New source for "pipe hangers" that are Stainless and look good
DayMotorSports.com has affordable brackets but only in 1.12, 1.50 and 1.75" diameters

Heim Joints / Rod End Bearings
National Rod End - Heim Joints (Rod End Bearings)
Background of the Heim Joint - Click Here

Hardware and Misc Items
McMaster Carr - This company impresses us
eBay - Always a good resources

Other Resources
Monster Tower Wakeboard Towers - If you just want to install something instead (shameless self promotion) or check out the latest Monster Girls calendar pictures.
Galactic Grandaddy of link of companies that make towers, speakers, racks, sliders, etc
How to make Salmon Taco's from the Original "Salmon Tacos" (nothing to do with wakeboarding but everything to do with good eating !)
Nothing to do with making tower stuff but a nice check list for new boaters

Good document on how to pull a wakeboarder and be a better boat driver

Other Submitted Projects not Fitting Above Categories
Jens Grönberg's SoloRider Project
- See the new SoloRider Website

Bruce Fuerstenberg's Tower Support Bracket, primarily for Moomba boats